Far-right commentary, historical, political and economic analysis from a counterrevolutionary legitimist and rabid neofeudal anti-nationalist perspective — the old side of the right that got lost in the annals of history, occasionally but very imperfectly and dimly seen in the Orthosphere and certain Christian traditionalist and monarchist blogs. We take these dim lights and amplify them to a point that they become blinding, with the help of many old books and some snark.

If you’re a VDARE-style ethnonationalist, this blog is the complete antithesis of everything you stand for, but for reasons you may have never considered. We essentially repudiate almost the entire course that the political right has followed since German unification and the French Third Republic.

If nothing else, we’ll help sharpen your debating toolbox.

Making neoreaction reactionary once more, perhaps a tad more than it would like.